Substance: Spirinolactone
Brand: RPG
Package: 25mg (30 pills)

Substance: Spirinolactone1
Brand: RPG
Package: 100mg (30 pills)



Aldactone 25 mg is a diuretic that belongs to the subgroup of potassium-sparing diuretics. It is one of the most popular diuretics in the world since the 1950s and beyond. Spironolactone, its active ingredient, is an aldosterone antagonist. It influences the hormone itself that accelerates the excretion of potassium and reduces the excretion of sodium and water.

Aldactone Effects

In sports, this compound is good for losing weight class without losing strength. Also, for bodybuilders or physique competitors, this compound is great for helping you get rid of excess bloating and water retention to look your best for competition. With thinner skin and a chiseled physique, it will give them the perfect look.

Aldactone Application and Dosage

For therapeutic use, you do not need more than 50-100 mg per day. The total daily dose will usually be divided into smaller doses taken throughout the day.

Aldactone use for performance enhancement should stay at doses below 100mg. If you take 50-100mg with the total dose divided into two separate mini doses, you will have more than enough. Remember that this drug is for short-term use.

Also, it's important to note that if you're taking this diuretic, you should avoid a lot of potassium in your diet to prevent heart damage.

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25mg (30 pills)




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