Substance: Exemestane
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Aromex is an orally administered aromatase inhibitor created by Alpha Pharma whose active ingredient is Exemestane, also known as Aromasin. This drug allows athletes to avoid or lessen side effects after their steroid cycle and allows the body to start producing hormones again naturally.

Effects of Exemestane

As one of the most popular aromatase inhibitors on the market, it was created to be used in conjunction with anabolic steroids like testosterone. Originally created for medical use in the battle against breast cancer, it is taken by athletes for its anti-estrogen properties that allow them to counteract some of the known side effects of anabolic steroids. Some of the main effects are:

  • Prevents and eliminates gynecomastia
  • Eliminates excess edema fluid
  • Increases muscle definition
  • Preserve muscle mass after a cycle

Application and dosage of Aromasin

When you first start using Aromasin, the dosage should start at 12.5mg per day, with the optimal dosage for advanced users being 25mg per day. Cycle length should never exceed 2 months, and the athlete can discontinue use as soon as all signs of aromatization are gone. Users should never take more than 300mg of Aromasin per week. It is recommended that athletes remain fully active for the duration of the cycle.

When used during post-cycle therapy, it can be combined with Clomid. This medication is not recommended for women as it can have a very serious effect on the natural levels of estrogen production. The exceptions to this are some women who have been using aromatizing steroids for long periods, in which case the minimum dose should be used for no more than a 2-week period.

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25mg (30 pills)


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