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Substance: cabergoline
Brand: Sunpharma
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Cabgolin 0.5 does not belong to the steroid family and therefore does not have anabolic or androgenic properties. Cabergoline is the chemical on which it is based. Cabergoline has gained popularity among athletes due to its ability to suppress levels of prolactin, a hormone that contributes to the development of impotence and gynecomastia, which are commonly caused by the use of steroids that increase prolactin levels, such as nandrolone and trenbolone.

This drug is marketed in the sports pharmacology market by a variety of pharmaceutical companies under various brand names and concentrations of the active ingredient.

Effects of Cabgoline

Cabergoline can interact with dopaminergic-type receptors. This medication works by blocking the hormone prolactin. In other words, when the amount of dopamine increases, the concentration of prolactin decreases. Scientists have not yet discovered the properties and activities of this hormone in the male body. It helps in regulating the function of the mammary glands in women. However, experts are already inclined to suggest that an increased amount of prolactin has a detrimental effect on the male body, that is, it decreases sexual desire, contributes to erectile function problems and causes gynecomastia during lactation.

The most notable property of cabergoline is that it has no effect on the natural release of other hormones, including thyroid hormones. As a result, cabergoline is one of the safest drugs in sports pharmacology. If you strictly follow the instructions while using the drug, the chances of experiencing negative effects from the action of Trenbolone and Nandrolone are practically eliminated.

Experts are currently carrying out an extensive study on this substance, which would support its use in sports. This is because high prolactin levels are only a problem for athletes using steroids.

Cabgolin Application and Dosage

Cabergoline should not be taken in every steroid cycle as its sole purpose is to lower prolactin levels. Cabergoline is most commonly used by athletes at a dose of 0.25 to 0.5 mg every four days. When prolactin levels reach the upper limit, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of use of the drug to once a day. Keep the dose the same. It is important to remember that the medication should be started during the steroid cycle and finished two weeks after the cycle ends.

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0.5mg (4 pills)




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