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Dymethazine (DMZ) is an oral prohormone designed to gain lean muscle mass and increase drying rates. This steroid allows you to create a high-quality shape, even in short cycles, but can be safely used in cycles of up to 12 weeks. The action of DMZ is like the popular steroid Trenbolone. Also, the prohormone has similarities to Superdrol. When taken, it converts to testosterone. It is not subject to aromatization and is not toxic to the liver. However, like all prohormones, it reduces the natural production of testosterone, which is why mandatory post-cycle therapy is required.

The main effects of Dymethazine:

  • Enhancement of lean muscle mass growth and clean mass gains during the course
  • The stimulation of fat burning throughout the course without fluid retention
  • The growth of indicators of strength, endurance and speed

The DMZ can be used for the following purposes:

  • As part of courses for the development of lean muscle mass (up to 12 kg, depending on medicines)
  • Courses to dry the body without losing muscle mass (such as taper) for those who have recently had prohormone courses
  • As a first course for those who want to break through the plateau and create a high-quality initial shape for further transformation.

Dosage and administration

The recommended dose for bodybuilders is 30 mg a day, depending on your tolerance to the medicine. The duration of the course should be approximately 4 weeks.

Dymethazine stacked with any testosterone ester, or other flavoring compound would be the best combination with this medicine to get the full effects it provides.

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10 capsules / box




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