Enanthate 400


Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Brand: dragon pharma
Package: 10ml vial (400mg/ml)


Enantat 400, with the active substance Testosterone Enanthate, is an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) used to treat low testosterone levels. Anabolic drugs work by building muscles, while androgenic drugs suggest revision of male sexual characteristics. Used in clinical philosophy since the 1950's, Testosterone Enanthate is listed under different names including, Testosterone Heptanoate.

Effects on the body

The use of Testosterone Enanthate leads to an increase in muscle mass, this is due to the fact that the fluid in the body begins to remain, due to the high concentration of sodium. Like Testosterone Propionate, Enanthate stimulates regeneration processes, which is why it is often used to treat joint diseases and eliminate intervertebral disc problems. The action of the steroid is noticeable throughout the body:

  • Motivation improves, there is an increase in strength and there is a desire to exercise more
  • Increases the overall tone
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increases spermatogenesis
  • Increased red blood cell mass
  • Improved nitrogen metabolism

Athletes who take Testosterone Enanthate easily increase strength. Therefore, this medicine is in demand by both weightlifters and powerlifters.

Ideal Dosage for Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is injected intramuscularly about twice a month. To avoid fluctuating hormone levels (and related mental states), lower doses are suggested to be routinely injected between this time. Dosage may change based on individual tolerances and purpose of use.For male hypogonadism, the recommended dose is 50 to 400 mg twice a month. For delayed puberty, the dose is 5 to 200 mg twice a month. For breast cancer, 200 to 400 mg twice a month. For hormone therapy, the recommended and effective dose ranges from 50mg to 200mg per week. Sometimes 100mg to 250mg per week can also be given.

Bodybuilders and athletes who inject Testosterone Enanthate for the purpose of performance enhancement will take between 200-500mg on a consistent basis. This range is remarkably typical if the hormone is being used simply to combat the natural suppression of testosterone brought about by the use of other anabolic steroids. To get the most extraordinary results from this steroid, those in the extreme sports industry will inject between 400-500mg on a regular basis. Users taking this dosage show that negative symptoms are irrelevant and people experiencing side effects find them easy to control. You should be aware that any higher dosage may cause some unfavorable effects.

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Testosterone Enanthate


10ml vial (400mg/ml)


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