Fertigyn (Pregnyl)


Substance: HCG
Brand: Sun Pharmaceuticals
Package: 5000 iu vial


FertiGyn 5000 IU (Pregnyl) is a medication that includes a hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. The properties of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) are almost identical to the properties of luteinizing hormone, which is usually produced in the pituitary gland.

Effects of hCG injections

  • Stimulates the synthesis of sex hormones in the testicles of men (a spectrum of effects similar to that of testosterone)
  • activates spermatogenesis
  • It contributes greatly to the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics.
  • develop male genitalia
  • In women, it supports the development of the placenta and stimulates the production of progesterone

Gonadotropin is particularly popular with bodybuilders due to its ability to increase testosterone. Because it can increase secretion from the genitals, athletes can take hCG as an anabolic drug, which has a direct effect on the growth of muscle mass. Often gonadotropin is used for weight loss as an auxiliary tool, as well as for post-cycle therapy.

Gonadotropin in post-cycle therapy is associated with the fact that, in the male body, the gonadotropin regulation process occurs as follows: hypothalamus – pituitary gland – testicles. In other words, gonadoliberin is produced in the hypothalamus, which generates an effect that causes the release of gonadotropin. It's no secret that athletes often have cases of a lack of this hormone due to the fact that the impact on the hormone of anabolic steroids has an inhibitory effect on the athlete's body. With such a lack of hormone, there is a risk of testicular atrophy.

Application and dosage of hCG injections

In terms of exposure, the drug is quite long.Due to the high absorption rates, the drug acts for 5-6 days. The recommended dose of the drug, if necessary to achieve an anabolic effect, is 5000 IU per week. You need to inject the drug once a week to achieve maximum results. If you reduce the dose and take the medicine more often, it will most likely not have the desired effect.

In post-cycle therapy, the dose of hCG depends on the duration of the steroid cycle.

  • If the steroid cycle exceeds 4 weeks and the number of drugs taken is more than two, the recommended dose of gonadotropin is 500 to 100 IU twice a week.
  • If the steroid cycle is less than 4 weeks and 1-2 drugs are taken, it is not necessary to take Gonadotropin. Your dose may be minimal or, in general, there is no need to take it.

• hCG is used as a weight loss drug at a dose of 1000 IU per week

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