Substance: Tamoxifen citrate
Brand: maxtreme
Package: 10mg (50 pills)



Maxi-Fen-10 is a medicine produced by the popular Maxtreme Pharma brand. It is an antiestrogenic drug that can be used to treat breast cancer in women. The active ingredient within the drug is Tamoxifen Citrate (also known as Nolvadex), which belongs to the category of medicines called Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs). Men often take this medicine after a steroid cycle to restore natural hormone levels and reduce side effects..

beneficial effects of tamoxifen

Tamoxifen is one of the most popular anti-estrogen medicines for post-cycle therapy (PCT), which is a necessary process after a steroid cycle to restore normal body functions. Two of the main goals during CPT is to restore natural testosterone production and reduce the effects of estrogen. Tamoxifen effectively helps achieve both of these effects by blocking estrogen receptors in the body. By reducing the action of estrogen in the body, men can avoid estrogenic side effects like the dreaded gynecomastia (man boobs) and fluid retention. Tamoxifen also lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body.

How to take it?

For post-cycle therapy, the typical dose of Maxtreme Pharma Tamoxifen is 20-40mg (2-4 tablets) per day. The duration of the TPC will depend on the steroids used and the length of the cycle, but is generally 2-4 weeks.

For the prevention of side effects during the steroid cycle, Tamoxifen should be taken in a lower dose of no more than 10-20mg (1-2 tablets) per day throughout the cycle.

Tamoxifen should not be taken during or after cycles containing steroids such as nandrolone, trenbolone, or oxymetholone (anadrol), as it will cause progestin side effects.

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Tamoxifen Citrate


10mg (50 pills)




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