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Substance: oral Stanozolol
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Stanozolol is a popular substance in bodybuilding that works differently than most steroids. The drug has little effect on body weight, but does offer better muscle definition, better vein contouring, and fat burning, so it is primarily used during drying cycles.

Stanozolol (also known as Winny) is used by most professional bodybuilders, including athletes in a variety of sports disciplines, to develop high-quality muscle definition and gain significant increases in endurance and power characteristics.

Effects of Stanozolol Pills

Online reviews of Winny 50 mg pills for sale online in the UK by athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders report the following benefits:

  • Significant increases in strength and endurance
  • Enhanced muscle definition
  • fat burning
  • increased appetite
  • It is believed to have antiestrogenic and antiprogestin properties.
  • Removes excess fluid from the body.

The exceptional efficacy and safety of this anabolic steroid are praised among long-term users, as evidenced by the many positive Dragon Pharma Winstrol 50 reviews online. This oral steroid is also one of the few drugs available today that can be used safely by women.

Stanozolol Pills Application and Dosage

Dragon Pharma Winstrol pills will work wonders for people who are just starting out on this steroid and have mild fat deposits and medium bulk. Even modest doses of Winstrol can provide tremendous effects.

Beginners – Men can start a Winstrol cycle with a daily dose of 25-50mg on a consistent basis to improve performance, especially for those who are into bodybuilding. Beginners and young athletes can benefit the most from this.

Experienced Users: Oral Winstrol in doses of 50mg or more is recommended for experienced users.

For women: Women are advised to start with a very low dose of 5 mg.

Every man and woman is different, and dosages should be recommended accordingly. Both sexes usually tolerate this steroid well.

The cycle lasts approximately 5-8 weeks and it is not recommended to extend the cycle beyond this point.

Post-cycle therapy is required to stabilize your hormones after the cycle.

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Oral Stanozolol


10mg (100 pills)


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