Substance: Finasteride
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Proscalpin is an effective and safe medicine used to treat baldness in men. The product actively stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. The main active ingredient of the medicine is Finasteride. One tablet contains one milligram of this substance. It is available without a prescription.

Finasteride not only copes with baldness, but also fights against the problem of the genetic tendency to develop this disease. The first result will be noticeable in three to four weeks.

Finasteride Effects

Proscalpin has an indication for use which is the prevention and treatment of hair loss in men. Finasteride acts quickly and effectively. Hair begins to grow all over the head, starting from the parietal part and ending with deep bald spots. Strong and healthy hair grows instead of thinning and falling hair. During the process of taking the pills regularly, testosterone is slowly converted into a more active substance.

It nourishes, activates and completely restores the external and internal state of the hair follicles. However, keep in mind that the medicine does not affect the production of all enzymes, but only temporarily stops their effect.

Method of use and dosage

Finasteride is taken one tablet once a day with or without food. If the patient has stomach or intestinal diseases, it is better to use the remedy with meals. Treatment lasts one to two years. Crushing or grinding the tablet is not recommended. If necessary, take the medicine with a little water. It is recommended to take the medicine at the same time.

No dose adjustment is necessary in older men. If no visible improvement is seen within 10-12 months, it is not advisable to continue taking the medicine.If treatment is stopped prematurely, it can lead to loss of already restored hair.

If the Finasteride tablet is stopped, only one dose of the product should be consumed the next day. Do not increase the dose, as this will not lead to an improvement in the therapeutic effect. Store the product in a sufficiently dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight on the container.

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1mg (50 pills)




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