Substance: trenbolone suspension
Brand: dragon pharma
Package: 10ml bottle


Trenbolone 50 is a medicine that is produced by one of the most popular pharmaceutical companies Dragon Pharma. The main active ingredient of this steroid, pure Trenbolone, is known for its high anabolic and androgenic properties. Judging by the numerous reviews of the suspension, most athletes with experience taking sports pharmacology drugs choose it for cycles designed to accelerate muscle growth and increase strength.

Benefits of a Trenbolone Suspension Cycle

A well designed dosage regimen allows the athlete to receive a lot of positive effects from the use of Trenbolone. However, for the most part, athletes choose this steroid in cycles designed to accelerate muscle growth and increase strength. Also, the medicine allows you to accelerate the burning of body fat, increase appetite, improve the quality of sexual life, etc. In addition, the medicine has excellent anti-catabolic properties.

Throughout the cycle, a decrease in cortisol concentration is observed, which significantly accelerates anabolic processes. Beginners and women should refrain from taking this steroid, the fact is that even with a minimal dose, it can cause serious side effects.

Optimal dosage and cycle length

Trenbolone suspension has a fairly wide range of effects, which makes it possible to use it in many sports. Mass gain cycles typically last 6-10 weeks. Due to its rather long half-life, it does not require frequent injections and is therefore especially appreciated by athletes. The dosage should not exceed the range of 100-150mg per week, while the frequency of injections can be one to three times a week.

Combinations with other steroids

Taking Trenbolone with Nandrolone and Oxymetholone is strongly discouraged!

Trenbolone Suspension can be combined with Boldenone, Mesterolone, Methandienone, Turinabol, Testosterone, Methenolone, etc.

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trenbolone suspension


10ml bottle


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