Substance: Stanozolol injection
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Winstrol 50 is an injectable steroid for sale at Anabol-es, whose active ingredient is Stanozolol. This medicine differs from many other steroids in that it dissolves in water, not oil. Because of this, it is considered practically harmless, which makes it possible for women to take it. Although the medicine was introduced to the market in the 1960s, athletes began using it only two decades later. And at first, the steroid found its consumer in the face of swimmers and athletes, only eventually making its way into hardcore sports.

Winstrol 50 Positive Effects

Stanozolol is a medicine that belongs to the class of anabolic steroids. Due to its structure, this anabolic is unique. Its structure has five benzene rings, while other steroids have a total of four. Before you buy Stanozolol, you need to know that it will not be an assistant in building muscle. However, anabolic steroids will help remove excess fluid from the body, get rid of fat and help achieve beautiful muscle definition.

The use of Stanozolol provides the following effects:

  • Increased indicators of strength and endurance
  • Elimination of excess fluid from the bodybuilder's body
  • Obtaining muscle definition
  • venosity
  • fat burning

Bodybuilders take winstrol to prepare for competitions as well as during the off-season. The steroid is excellent for a cutting cycle, but can also be used for weight gain. The medicine does not retain water and because of this you will get excellent muscle definition, and high quality muscles, and you will also greatly increase your strength and endurance.

Stanozolol does not retain excess water in the body, because it is not capable of aromatizing.This property makes the medicine more valuable among athletes who participate in competitions. It is worth noting that the anabolic properties of the steroid are significantly higher than the androgenic ones. It is also considered a strong fat burner and in combination with Trenbolone the effect of Stanozolol can exceed all your expectations.

Dosage and duration of Winstrol 50 cycles

The optimal dose of Stanozolol is 25 to 50 mg. When you start taking this steroid it should be at the minimum dosage to avoid wellness issues. The cycle of Winstrol 50 use can last from 5 to 8 weeks. It is important that post cycle therapy is not necessary after the solo cycle. A correctly compiled cycle, as well as the observance of training and nutrition, can provide a qualitative gain of 15-20 pounds.

Anabolic steroids can be taken both alone and in combination with other steroids, generally androgenic. The solo course is recommended for those who have already gained enough muscle mass and now want to improve venous drawing and make the body more prominent. For best results, you also need to monitor your nutrition and exercise regularly.

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Stanozolol injection


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