Substance: Letrozole
Brand: Cipla
Package: 2.5mg (10 pills)



Fempro is an antiestrogenic drug produced by the Cipla brand. The active ingredient in the oral product is letrozole, a drug that belongs to a category of drugs called aromatase inhibitors. Drugs in this group lower estrogen levels in the body by blocking the action of the aromatase enzyme. Due to this property, it is used in medicine to reduce estrogen levels in women to treat breast cancer. It can also be used to lower high estrogen levels in men taking aromatizable steroids.

Effects of letrozole pills

Letrozole is one of the most potent aromatase inhibitors and has a long half-life of approximately 2-4 days. This makes it the second most popular AI in bodybuilding. In men taking androgenic steroids, the medication prevents the aromatase enzyme from converting androgens (testosterone) to estrogen. This helps prevent the onset of feminizing effects such as gynecomastia, acne, fluid retention, and other estrogenic side effects in the male body.

Letrozole Application and Dosage

Cipla produces Letrozole in 2.5 mg tablets. Initially, it is recommended to start taking half a tablet of Letrozole (1.25 mg) per day. You can then test your tolerance and estrogen levels. If this dose is not sufficient, the daily dose can be increased to 1 tablet per day (2.5 mg). If the initial dose is too much, you can take half a tablet every 2 days or up to 4 days.

It should be noted that Letrozole is taken to control estrogen levels and not lower them completely, as this will incur negative effects on the body.

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2.5mg (10 pills)




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