Substance: Letrozole
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Letromina is an oral drug produced by the pharmaceutical brand Alpha Pharma. It is an antiestrogenic drug that is used to treat some types of breast cancer in women after menopause. Letrozole, the drug's active ingredient, decreases the amount of estrogen the body makes to slow or even reverse the growth of breast cancers. This amazing drug also has benefits for men with high estrogen levels. Thanks to Letrozole, men can reduce high estrogen levels to a normal amount to avoid the feminizing effects that come with them.

Letrozole Effects

Letrozole is an anti-estrogen aromatase inhibitor. This means that it stops the work of the aromatase enzyme, which converts androgens to estrogens in the body (this is called aromatization). When men take certain steroids that aromatize, such as testosterone, methandienone (Dianabol), boldenone (Equipoise), and nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin), the body converts testosterone to estrogen. This causes side effects that are considered feminine and therefore not desirable for men. Arguably the most undesirable of these side effects is gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of breast tissue in men (man boobs). To avoid this effect, men take letrozole to stop the aromatization process, which lowers estrogen levels and increases testosterone levels.

Application and Dosage of Letrozole Pills

The general dose of letrozole for estrogen control is 2.5 mg (1 tablet) per day. However, each individual is different, so this dose may be too high or even too low to balance estrogen levels.The dosage will also depend on which steroids were taken in the cycle, as some steroids have a higher aromatization level than others (for example, testosterone has an aromatization rate that is about twice that of boldenone). If 2.5 mg daily is too high, it is possible to take half the daily dose (1.25 mg). If even 1.25mg is too high for you, you can reduce the frequency and take it every 2 days or even 3-4 days if needed.

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2.5mg (50 pills)


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