Sustanon 350


Substance: Sustanon 250
Brand: dragon pharma
Package: 10mL vial (350mg/mL)


Sustanon 350 is an injectable solution produced by Dragon Pharma that consists of three different testosterone esters: Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Propionate. It is designed to release testosterone quickly and sustainably. This product is manufactured using high percentage medicine synthesis technologies, resulting in an increase in active agent concentration of 40% per ml compared to the standard version of Sustanon.

Effects of Sustanon 350

All forms of testosterone are responsible for promoting health and wellness by improving libido, energy, immunity, increasing fat loss, increasing and maintaining muscle mass, preventing osteoporosis (loss of bone density), and possibly protection against heart disease. Testosterone is popular with athletes for its ability to stimulate dramatic increases in muscle mass and strength. As a natural hormone, it remains the most popular anabolic steroid and is commonly used as the foundation of all cycles.

Rules of use

Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350 should be taken once a week and the dosage is 350 to 700mg. The cycle length is 6 to 8 weeks.

Keep in mind that in men, approximately 5% of testosterone undergoes 5α reduction to form the more potent androgen, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), also known as androstanolone. On the other hand, approximately 0.3% of testosterone is converted to estradiol (the main female sex hormone) by aromatase, an enzyme that is expressed in the brain, liver, and adipose tissue. Therefore, remember to take precautions to avoid related side effects.In this case, it is recommended to take blood tests on time and take aromatase inhibitors in one cycle (if necessary, preferably Anastrozole).

combined cycles

Sustanon 350 works well with many other compounds, both oral and injectable, as part of a cycle. Sustanon 350 can be combined with drugs like Nandrolone to gain muscle mass and Winstrol to dry and define the muscles. A correctly selected cycle allows you to reduce the frequency of side effects and improve the effectiveness of the cycle.

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Sustanon 250


10mL vial (350mg/mL)


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